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From the Archives - Beethoven's Piano Concerti: Act III

A portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven from the hips up. He is sitting sideways on a piano bench with his body facing towards the viewer. His left hand rests on the keys of a piano that has many pages of sheet music on its stand. His right hand holds a quill and props up his head. His right elbow is resting on a small table covered with a green tablecloth, more pieces of sheet music paper, and a quill and inkwell.
Ludwig van Beethoven

With his third piano concerto, Beethoven truly found his own voice. His chaotic life almost sabotaged the premiere, but the music was more powerful than chaos. Enjoy this remarkable recording with Arturo Toscanini conducting and Myra Hess on piano.

Compositions and Recordings

Piano Concerto No. 3 in C Minor
by Ludwig van Beethoven
Arturo Toscanini and the NBC Symphony; Myra Hess - piano

Piano Concerto No. 3: Mvt. II, III
by Ludwig Van Beethoven
Donald Runnicles at the Grand Teton Music Festival; Garrick Ohlsson - piano

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