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Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and Classical KC have joined forces to create a multi-sensory experience when viewing artwork in the museum's permanent collection. Take a listen!

Hangama Amiri's 'Still-Life with Alocasia Plant' // 'Instrumental Robab' by Afghan Ensemble

Nabil H. Harb
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art
Hangama Amiri, Still-Life with Alocasia Plant, 2022, Muslin, polyester, velvet, cotton, chiffon, denim, suede and found fabric, 48 x 42 inches. Courtesy of the artist and COOPER COLE, Toronto.

Houseplants are one of the many ways we decorate our living spaces, perhaps making a rental or impermanent dwelling feel more comfortable. They are living things that must be nurtured and maintained to survive. While not sentient, however, they are present: bearing witness to our day-to-day lives that bleed into years. In Amiri’s “Still-Life with Alocasia Plant,” what do you think this plant has experienced alongside its owner? What objects have accompanied you throughout the phases of your life?

It's easy to get wrapped up in the mundane aspects of our daily lives, not noticing the passing of time until it catches up with us. While listening to the "Instrumental Robab" performed by the Afghan Ensemble, notice how the constant beat of the drums becomes a sort of wallpaper behind the plucked strings of the rabab. Do you notice the passage of time? Or are you lulled into a sense of timelessness by the rhythm?

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