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From the Archives with Frank Byrne
Saturdays from 11 a.m-noon and Sundays, 6 - 7 p.m.

From the Archives is a curated tour of the world’s greatest composers, conductors and performers, captured in distinctive and memorable audio recordings.

Building on a lifetime of collecting recordings, host Frank Byrne shares the best performances he knows, each with a special element that sets it apart. A lifelong student of classical music, Byrne’s love of collecting classical music is only eclipsed by his joy in sharing it with friends.

Thanks to the wealth of recorded classical music available today, we have the opportunity to explore and consider performances that the average listener may never have heard. Listening together on From the Archives, we will gain insights to those great musicians who truly bring this music to life. Please join us.

  • The guitar is a wonderful solo instrument alone but when paired with an orchestra, it can be even more beautiful. We have two outstanding 20th century guitar concertos that bring out all the colors and textures of the instrument.
  • The story of Cinderella is found in cultures around the world and it existed well before the Disney franchise. We’ll hear Prokofiev’s brilliant ballet score in a classic recording that is superb in both performance and recorded sound.
  • We’ve reached another milestone together – it’s the 200th episode of From the Archives. It’s a program with some of Frank Byrne's favorite music, each with a personal connection.
  • If you were expecting surfing music by Brian Wilson — think again! Instead, enjoy excellent music from four sons of J.S. Bach who were famous in their own right. We’ll have "fun fun fun until daddy takes the clavichord away!"
  • In honor of the coronation of King Charles III, enjoy a program of music used in coronations past and present. Truly a “greatest hits” playlist, it’s music fit for a king.
  • Of Franz Schubert’s 600 songs, one of the most moving is his 1816 work: “The Wanderer.” We’ll hear three other perspectives on this song, with new settings by Schubert himself, Franz Liszt and a contemporary ensemble. The music is transformed, yet still with the essence Schubert envisioned.
  • Franz Schubert was prolific, but he wrote only one string quintet that added a second cello to the standard quartet, and it was composed weeks before his death. Hear it in a spectacular performance with a superstar second cellist.
  • Franz Schubert had a habit of becoming associated with terrible plays, but his glorious melodies eclipsed it all and lives on. We have his “heavenly music” for the play “Rosamunde – Princess of Cyprus” in a recording that elevates it to the highest artistic level.
  • Two composers — one American and one Nigerian American — explore their African heritage through orchestral music. Each finds connections and expressions that are authentic and artistic. There’s even a Kansas City connection with one of the composers!
  • What better way to celebrate the beginning of Spring than with gorgeous music by Beethoven and Copland? (No Vivaldi to be found here!) Enjoy this inspired and delightful music.